What is the best smart board for teachers to use Google Chrome in the classroom?
  • BenQ
  • 2023-12-20

Google Chrome is the favorite browser for teachers to use in the classroom.  According to a national survey of teachers, two out of three teachers want to use Chrome as their primary browser - regardless of the type of device they use to teach.  With over a dozen different brands offering interactive displays to schools, what is the best smart board for teachers who want to use Chrome?  We’ll look at what to evaluate to find the best board for your school by looking at:

·         What smart boards come with Chrome pre-loaded for teachers to use?

·         What happens when more than one teacher needs to use Chrome on the board?

·         How fast can they run Google Chrome with a split screen?

·         How do you import Chrome data into a whiteboard learning session?

·         Which boards can record a Chrome session with voice annotation?

Until recently, Google would not allow smart board companies like BenQ to pre-load Google Chrome onto the smart board.   But now that BenQ has introduced its new EDLA boards with Google Mobile Services, every BenQ Board RP04 and RM04 comes with Google Chrome pre-installed on the board ready to use.   This enables teachers to immediately re-use their favorite tabs and bookmarks and teach the way they want.  

Which smart boards come with Google Chrome?

While most generic EDLA boards in the US market will make Google Chrome available, many popular brands of interactive displays may need either special hardware or just require you to use other browsers besides Chrome.  Here is a list of some smart boards available in the US as of December 2023.


BenQ Board RP04 & RM04

Newline’s Q Series


Mimio Pro 4


Samsung Flip Pro WM75B

Comes with Chrome Pre-Installed


Requires separate OPS




Software OS

Android 13

Android 11

Android 11

Android 11


Can you use Chrome with multiple teachers on the same board?

Do you use team teaching techniques to improve student performance?  Or perhaps you have rotating teachers that come and go in a classroom for specific subjects like Spanish? 

While a generic EDLA enabled smart board can run Google Chrome, they may not be designed for multiple teachers to use the board.  Just like a cell phone, they are set up for one teacher.  The latest BenQ Boards are designed for multiple teachers to use the board. With a simple tap, a teacher can transform any BenQ board – and its Chrome browser - into their own personalized board complete with their own bookmarks and tabs.  When they are done – they log out and the next teacher can tap in with their card and start using their bookmarks in seconds.  This saves a lot of wasted time in the classroom – and enables teachers to teach their way and focus on their students.

How fast can you run Google Chrome with split screens?

Most teachers open multiple Google Chrome tabs when teaching, which can slow down performance – especially if you want to split your screen.   The BenQ RP04 is powered by a fourth generation A78 processor that is nearly 2x faster than the previous RP03 model. Matched up with an A55 sub processor, the BenQ RP04 is the fastest interactive display in the history of the company.  

How do you import Chrome data into a whiteboard learning session?

One of the key advantages of an integrated Chrome browser is the ability to import images directly into a whiteboard session to enable teachers to creatively build their lesson.   BenQ’s EZWrite 6 enables you to grab any image right from your Chrome browser with a simple tap on the screen.  With your finger, you can drag data, images, and other items from a Chrome browser directly into your EZWrite lesson and then share it with other teachers or students via the common IWB file where they can edit or modify it as needed.

Which boards can record a Chrome session with voice annotation?

One big advantage of a BenQ Board is the ability to record your Chrome session to share with students.  With a simple tap on the floating tool, you can start recording your Chrome session and the BenQ Board can use the integrated array microphone to capture the teachers voice that details the key points.  This recording can be shared with others who want to replicate the session on their own device.


The latest BenQ boards are built for teachers to use Google Chrome.  Because Google Chrome is pre-installed and can be used by multiple teachers on the same board, it offers unmatched classroom flexibility – and its advanced microprocessor, storage, and recording capabilities enable teachers to keep the classroom running on time – with the ability to record their sessions to help struggling students catch up. 

If you would like to see first-hand how a BenQ Board running Google Chrome can help your teachers become more productive – let us know using the form below.