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Jungyul Academy Takes Control of the Post-Pandemic Educational Environment with BenQ Interactive Display

  • BenQ
  • 2021-12-30
BenQ large-format displays with Jungyul Academy




Jungyul Academy in Bucheon, South Korea, is an education center that focuses on helping students pass Korea’s university entrance exams. In order to improve its classroom environment and adapt to the challenging conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jungyul Academy’s staff needed to upgrade the school’s multimedia display technology. Specifically, because the academy’s existing video conferencing solutions did not perform up to expectations, staff at Jungyul Academy sought an all-in-one solution that would offer superior audiovisual fidelity and reliability.



Jungyul Academy’s staff ultimately chose to employ BenQ Interactive Displays with with ClassroomCare™ technology. Manufactured in multiple sizes, BenQ’s Interactive Displays are specially designed to handle the rigors of teaching. Instructors can combine the capabilities of EZWrite, which enables anytime annotation over any on-screen content, as well as its OPS slot-in computer pair perfectly with popular video conferencing solutions such as Zoom, to make long-distance learning just as efficient and impactful as its in-class counterpart.


Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ RP8602 86” Interactive Display for education
  • BenQ RP6502 65” Interactive Display for education





 A competitive university-prep academy in South Korea upgrades its display hardware to improve remote classes




Faculty at Jungyul Academy have quickly embraced the capabilities of BenQ Interactive Displays with with ClassroomCare™ technology, and have been thankful for the additional instruction and support that BenQ has provided. Meanwhile, students immediately noticed the big jump in audio and video quality, and are absorbing and retaining information more effectively than ever before.


Jungyul Academy is the only learning institute in Bucheon that offers college-related classes for both middle and high school students. Directed by Kwak Jeong-Yul, the academy strives to provide the most effective education for helping students enter top universities throughout the country. Jungyul Academy has performed admirably in this endeavor, sending more students to universities than any other academy in the Bucheon area. The academy reaches this level of excellence not only by retaining top-notch teaching talent, but also by creating an environment where students can thrive. In fact, the academy has its own library, lounge, and convenience store to ensure that students can recharge and rejuvenate between classes.

As the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the educational landscape, however, Jungyul Academy needed to adapt to the challenges of distance learning. Initially, the academy used Zoom in tandem with its existing hardware, but soon found this cumbersome: Teachers had difficulty pointing at objects and text, and had issues with writing notes for students to read and copy. As it became clear that pandemic protocols were unlikely to lift in the near future, Jungyul Academy realized it would need to find a better solution for remote learning.

BenQ large-format displays with Jungyul Academy
BenQ large-format displays with InstaShare for Jungyul Academy


While conducting an online search for education-focused display solutions, Kwak Jeong-yul found the perfect fit for the academy: BenQ Interactive Displays for education with ClassroomCare technology. The BenQ displays were optimized for online teaching with built-in video and audio recording features. Furthermore, they have a plethora of classroom-oriented features that boost instructors’ effectiveness and improve students’ focus and learning outcomes.

One BenQ feature that made a major impact was the split-screen capability. One of the academy’s instructors, Seo Chung-hee, uses the split-screen feature when going over mock exams. Mr. Seo brings up a mock exam on one side of the BenQ Interactive Display, and then uses EZWrite on the other side for showing the solutions and explaining how to arrive at them. He also often uses the InstaShare app to mirror content from a smart device or laptop, because it’s much easier than using a projector for the same purpose.

NFC card log-in and cloud storage are the other key features of the Interactive Displays. With these BenQ displayls, each teacher can be given an NFC card that lets them log in instantly. After touching the NFC card to the display’s card reader, teachers can retrieve materials from cloud storage for immediate display. BenQ Interactive Displays will even store teachers’ preferred setting, so that teachers will feel right at home no matter which room they are teaching in.

BenQ large-format displays with Jungyul Academy
BenQ large-format displays with EZWrite for Jungyul Academy


Performance across the board has gone up since Jungyul Academy switched to BenQ Interactive Displays for education. Students feel lectures are more intuitive than before – using the Interactive Displays is just like using a smart phone. Teachers also appreciate the features of the BenQ displays, and look forward to employing all of the teacher-friendly functions in their lectures. BenQ Interactive Displays will contribute to deeper learning at Jungyul Academy, and continue helping students achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

BenQ large-format displays with EZWrite Collaborative whiteboard for Jungyul Academy
BenQ large-format displays with EZWrite Collaborative whiteboard for Jungyul Academy