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Make Your Class
Engaging and Collaborative
Create Interactive and Boundless Lessons

Combining the whiteboarding function, EZWrite is designed for interactive lessons, facilitating brainstorming, illustrating ideas, recording notes and collaboration between the teacher and students.

Cloud Whiteboard

Dual Pens

Group Collaboration

Brainstorming Tools

Sticky Notes

Remote Presentation

Record Sessions

Cloud Access

EZWrite - Smooth Real-Time Collaborations
Endless Collaborations on The Cloud

With built-in Cloud Whiteboard and Sticky Notes, teachers have the flexiblility to take their lessons online, offering them new methods for capturing attention and collaborating with students.

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Cloud whiteboard

Teachers and students can enjoy enhanced interactivity by using EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard to collect, categorise, edit, and share notes between the display and mobile devices.

Online sticky notes

In Cloud Whiteboard, teachers and students can discuss and brainstorm any topic using Sticky Notes, opening up endless possibilities for engagement and creativity.

Board to board

Create a shared cloud whiteboard on different BenQ IFPs simultaniously for group discussions.

EZWrite Live - The Perfect Companion for Distance Learning
Teaching and Learning at Home with EZWrite Live

Students can log in the cloud whiteboard from a Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser to join in the lesson remotely. Built-in VC enhances one-to-one sessions and is ideal for in-class and distance learning.

Users can access EZWrite Live from any device through your Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers.

Real-time annotation enables teachers and students to interact simultaneously.

One-tap video recording allows students to focus on the lecture without the distraction of note-taking.

Teachers can easily take control of the class by turning on/off students’ editing-access of the cloud whiteboard.

Teachers and students can use their existing whiteboard canvas as they did in their schools.

Built-in education focused templates are designed for better communication.

A Helping hand for
Your Blended Learning Class
EZWrite – The ultimate classroom assistant

Pre-loaded onto panel, EZWrite is the only virtual teaching assistant you need.

Floating toolbar

Capture and annotate on top of any app, video, website, document or image. Save screen captures or load into other applications effortlessly.

Video recording

Teachers can record all on-screen steps during their lectures and use the recorded videos for class preparation or review purposes.


Class notes can be saved and shared directly via email, QRcode or a USB stick after the lesson is finished.

Choose Your Whiteboarding Solution


EZWrite EZWrite Live
Usability Built-in app in BenQ IFP Web-based app
Compatibility Only on IFP PC / NB / Mobile
Operating OS Android Windows / MAC / Chrome / iOS
Online whiteboard V V
Import document V V
Share slides V V
Class control V V
Classroom essential apps
(timer, annotation, calculator, geometry)
Handwriting recognition V X
Lesson recording V V
Video Conferencing X V
Cloud Storage Support V X
Personal account login V V
Ready for Blended Learning?

See how BenQ EZWrite can facilitate your blended classroom.

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