BenQ Eye-Care Technology for More Enjoyment and Less Worries

BenQ Monitors Are Designed for Comfort and Care

Have you ever experienced eyestrain after an extensive movie night or working late on your computer? Have you noticed headaches or red, burning eyes, or feelings of overall fatigue and discomfort? If so, then you might have experienced Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Computer Vision Syndrome doesn’t happen by chance and should not be taken lightly. It can be caused by watching content in changing lighting environments, having brightness and contrast settings that cause fatigue for your eyes, monitor flicker or by blue light.

BenQ Eye-Care Multi-Solution

BenQ Monitors with Eye-Care Technology eliminate the key causes of Computer Vision Syndrome, so you can comfortably and safely enjoy excellent quality content.

Brightness and Clarity - Perfectly Balanced with Brightness Intelligence Technology

Picture Perfect Content

Intuitive Brightness Intelligence Technology (B.I. Tech.) automatically balances monitors’ brightness from your content, making it easier to focus and watch the video content you love. Enjoy every detail from highlights to shadows- in perfect balance.

The Perfect Setting for Every Lighting Environment

Brightness Intelligence Technology adjusts your display’s brightness and clarity depending on the lighting environment, creating great images that are easy for your eyes to process.

Less Blue Light – Less Worries

The wavelength of blue light is very similar to UV Light. The potential dangers of blue light should not be underestimated. Over time, blue light can cause fatigue and eyestrain and might even seriously harm your eyes.

Low Blue Light Technology

BenQ Low Blue Light Technology decreases blue light emission without overcorrecting the colors of your content for safer, healthier monitor use.

Low Blue Light Plus Technology

BenQ’s Low Blue Light Plus Technology reduces the amount of blue light in the critical range from 420 - 455 nanometer (UV Light range) and ensures maximum eye protection while retaining beneficial blue light (455~480nm) - without color shift or any compromise in terms of picture quality.

Flicker-Free Is Stress-Free

Focusing on content displayed on a flickering monitor panel is highly stressful for your eyes. Even though the flickering isn’t visible to the naked eye, it often causes eyestrain and fatigue.

How to Test for Flicker

An easy way to find out whether your monitor flickers or not is to put your smartphone in camera mode, hold it in front of your monitor and look at the phone display.

Anti-Glare Display Less Reflections for Clearer Content

Monitor panels with a glossy or reflective surface are stressful for your eyes. Glare and reflections mean more work for your eyes and make it more difficult to see what’s on the screen, causing eye fatigue and making watching content less comfortable.

BenQ Anti-Glare Display

BenQ Monitors with Anti-Glare Display are non-reflecting and effectively reduce glare and reflections, making it easier for you to see what’s on your screen and reducing eye fatigue in the process.