BenQ + AUO

Global Leader in LED Visual Technology Meets World-Class VA Panel Expert

A global leader in LED visual technology, BenQ has taken the lead to build a full lineup of VA LED monitors for home and office following the launch of the world's first VA LED monitor. Fully supported by AUO Optronics, its sister company under the BenQ Group, BenQ now offers a VA LED monitor for everyone – from entry to premium models and in display sizes 21.5"W, 24"W and 27"W.

Pristine and Stunning Visual Clarity

See What We See with VA Panel Technology

Panels matter. They determine the image quality, clarity, color performance, brightness, viewing angles – as well as many other important aspects of a computer monitor. Manufactured by AUO Optronics, a world-leading TFT-LCD manufacturer in the design, R&D and manufacturing of TFT-LCD panels, Vertical Alignment (VA) panels outperform conventional panels with four major advantages:

VA Panel Technology

Uncompromising Image Quality and Visual Performance for Your Eyes

True 8-bit Color Performance

An 8-bit VA panel delivers smoother and more stable color transitions by rendering a total of 16.7 million color shades simultaneously. A 6-bit panel with Advanced Frame Rate Control (ARFC) requires interpolation to display the same number of colors as a true 8-bit panel does.

True Blacks and Minimized Light Leakage

Known for minimized light leakage and naturally deeper blacks, VA panels bring out flawlessly layered and contrasted details in the most complex images by keeping the backlight from passing through.

5000:1 Ultra High Native Contrast

Contrary to conventional panels, which only come with a 1000:1 native contrast ratio, VA panels boast an ultra-high native contrast ratio of 5000:1, bringing out every hue from the brightest whites to the deepest black with greater subtlety and clarity. With a native contrast ratio this high, you can expect an infinite dynamic contrast ratio that far exceeds your expectations.

178°/178° Wide-Viewing Angles

VA panels come with an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178°/178° from left, right, above and below. With sharper details, higher contrast and truly authentic colors; viewing, as you know it, has just gotten easier!

* All images are simulated and for demonstrative purpose only.