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AC Power Switch

A monitor by average has a stand-by power consumption rate of 0.3W. The latest generation of BL Series features an AC Power Switch that allows complete shut off its power to save more electricity if the monitor is not used for an extended period of time. *BL2410PT only

For 0W power consumption, press the AC power switch.

Upgraded Eco Mode by Senseye®

The improved Eco Mode adjusts the backlight brightness level intelligently according to the image source so that the highest display quality is presented with the highest energy efficiency. This smart feature reduces at least 37% of the power consumed by document viewing, Internet browsing and emailing, and up to 44% of the power consumed by gaming. *BL2410PT only

Eco Sensor

Like magic, the BL Series even saves the environment and power bills by itself: when you walk away from your desk, the monitor knows it and enters Eco Mode ingeniously.

Certified Green

BenQ leaves minimum footprint on the earth and builds monitors as eco-friendly as possible; its mercury-free process and power efficiency have been recognized by TCO, Energy Star and EPEAT certifications.

Power saving begins automatically when the user is away.

The system turns back to the normal operation when the user is back.

Recyclable Plastic Materials

Built to successfully minimize waste and environmentally harmful pollution, the BenQ BL Series monitors are coating-free and 100% recyclable – there is even 85% of the monitor frame made of recycled plastics in the latest generation. *85% is BL2410PT only

Greener Packaging

Not just the monitors, the packaging of BL Series is also environment-friendly. All materials used for packaging are EPS-free – with all PVC or foamed plastics replaced with recyclable paper cushion. Moreover, recycled paper is used for 80% packing to save forests.


Just the Comfort Office Workers Need for Greater Productivity and Efficient at Work!

Reading Mode by Senseye®

BenQ, an internationally renowned VA LED monitor expert, has always been dedicated to providing digital lifestyle innovations as well as actively seeking solutions to ease the viewing experience of all users.For More Information go to Eye-care Website:

Eye-Protect Sensor

Monitors become difficult to read if they're too bright or dimmed. The Eye-Protect Sensor detects the ambient light to automatically set the optimal brightness of the screens to eliminate eyestrains.

Monitor screen automatically brightens in brightly-lit or bright ambient light settings.

Monitor screen automatically dims in dimly-lit or dark ambient light settings.

Height Adjustment Stand (HAS)

The HAS allows you to find the best viewing angles for personal work or screen sharing with an extensive range of monitor adjustments – height, tilt, pivot, stroke and swivel. The screen bottom can be 150mm from the base now – 20mm more than its predecessor. *150mm is BL2410PT only

Smart Reminder

The Smart Reminder gently reminds users to take a break in a predefined time interval. The breaks not only keep users' eyes comfortable and healthy, but also ensure desirable productivity.

A Discrete Break Reminder to Keep Office Workers at Top Notch Condition

Anti-Glare Display

If your monitor faces a light source, you'd have a hard time dealing with the annoying reflection; or you can pick a BenQ BL Series with a matte-finished, anti-glare screen to avoid straining your eyes.

Glare Panel

BenQ Anti-Glare Panel


Designed for Office Applications. The Thoughtful Designs Make Work More Efficient

Slim Bezel for Multiple Displays

The slim bezel makes the monitors look lighter and larger. In a multi-display setup with two or more units, the bezels can become less intrusive or nearly invisible. *BL2410PT only

Seamless DP Connectivity

The BL Series is built to give you seamless DP connectivity that fits perfectly with just about any input device – without rendering your existing equipment obsolete.

Dual USB Ports

More USB ports mean more convenience connecting smart phones, tablets, storages and cameras. The handy USB ports allow you to travel less to and from the computer under the desk. *BL2410PT only

Touch Control Key and Intuitive Interface

Touch Control Key offering quick access to the onscreen display (OSD) options that lets users adjust the monitor to their favorite settings. Plus the intuitive interface, the new BL Series has more ease of use. *BL2410PT only

"Square" Sizes for Your Choice

While modern monitors are mostly in 16:9 aspect ratio, we understand that there are still applications look right on older "squarish" screens; and such models are available for your choice.

New Exterior with Cable Management Holder

New design details are introduced into the new BL Series. For instance, the Cable Management Holder makes it easier to collect and arrange the messy cables behind the unit. *BL2410PT only


The Secret to Business Success. Enjoyable Work Environment Makes Happy Workers!

5000:1 Ultra High Native Contrast

Contrary to conventional panels, which only come with a 1000:1 native contrast ratio, VA panels boast an ultra-high native contrast ratio of 5000:1, bringing out every hue from the brightest whites to the deepest black with greater subtlety and clarity. With a native contrast ratio this high, you can expect an infinite dynamic contrast ratio that far exceeds your expectations.

True 8-bit Color Performance

An 8-bit VA panel delivers smoother and more stable color transitions by rendering a total of 16.7 million color shades simultaneously. A 6-bit panel with Advanced Frame Rate Control (ARFC) requires interpolation to display the same number of colors as a true 8-bit panel does.

178°/178° Wide-Viewing Angles

An 8-bit VA panel delivers smoother and more stable color transitions by rendering a total of 16.7 million color shades simultaneously. A 6-bit panel with Advanced Frame Rate Control (ARFC) requires interpolation to display the same number of colors as a true 8-bit panel does.

True Blacks and Minimized Light Leakage

Known for minimized light leakage and naturally deeper blacks, VA panels bring out flawlessly layered and contrasted details in the most complex images by keeping the backlight from passing through.

The Perfect MacBook Companion

M-book mode built via BenQ's exclusive Senseye® Human Vision technology, which incorporates six proprietary calibration techniques to achieve the best viewing quality in each of its pre-set viewing modes, this special mode enables the BL Series to faithfully preserve the color quality of a MacBook display so that users can enjoy the view of their MacBook on a bigger screen. *BL2410PT only

*All images are simulated and for demonstrative purpose only.



Dr. Chen Yin Shan

Still squinting your eyes and hunching over your notebook? It’s time to change for the better! According to Dr. Chen Ying Shan, the head of the Ophthalmology department of Hsinchu Cathay General Hospital, you should always connect your notebook to an external monitor – not just for a bigger and better view, but also a much healthier way to work!

Did You Know?

According to Pollster Online Research, 70% of office workers spend most of their day in the office, sitting in front of a computer monitor for an average of 5 to 6 hours on a daily basis. Over 90% of them have experienced neck and shoulder soreness and pain; over 60% of them have had sore and tired eyes, dry eyes or blurred vision. These ocular and physical discomforts are the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

 A Bigger Screen, a Better View

An enjoyable work environment breeds productive office workers. Unlike notebooks, a Full HD VA LED monitor offers a spacious wide-angle view that comes with true-to-life colors and ultra-high contrast. The much larger screen not only goes easy on your eyes but also enables you to work smarter adopting a dual view of documents and data for higher efficiency.

 A Healthier Work Style

The combination of a notebook and monitor adds comfort and flexibility into every work situation without tying you to the desk. Monitors with an ultra-flexible height adjustment stand make an exceptional choice as the perfect notebook companion, being easily adjustable to create the most fitting view for office workers of all shapes and sizes. With better ergonomics in play, you can enjoy a healthier work style and keep your performance strong with greater productivity and work quality.

Tips from the Doc

The best way to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is to relax your body and your eyes. Computer screen placed parallel to your eyes and 60 to 70 centimeters away from your body. Avoid sitting too low and having to look upwards at the monitor screen. Tilt the monitor forward by 15 degrees to get the best viewing angle. Every 20 minutes, take a five minute break from working on your computer.


A Global Leader in LED Visual Display, BenQ Offers Unrivalled Breadth and Depth of Products from Personal Computing to Small, Medium and Large Business Solutions to Keep You Lookin' Great!

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy – the Meeting of Opposites – is what drives us to constantly explore form and function in their ever-evolving relationship with practicality and enjoyment. Such exploration has contributed to the design excellence of our products and 279 international design awards.

Our Visual Technology

For 20 years, BenQ has commanded unrivaled synergies and R&D resources in visual technology. BenQ is supported by the world’s third largest panel manufacturer in design, R&D and manufacturing of TFT-LCD, AU Optronics and BenQ Group to deliver display products that lead the industry and create new lifestyle possibilities.

A Premium Selection for the Working Elites

BenQ's World Leading BL Series

The BenQ BL Series is designed with computer ergonomics in mind to add comfort and flexibility to your everyday work – boosting productivity and efficiency at the same time! Adjust the monitor height to meet your eyes with the Height Adjustment Stand (HAS). You can also tilt, pivot, stroke and swivel the screen to get the view that best serves you. Enjoy optimal viewing with the Eye Protect Sensor keeping the brightness of your screen in perfect balance with the lighting of your work environment. Last but not least, with the Smart Reminder, you’ll never forget to always rest your eyes.