Digital Signage

The magnificent digital canvas for truly brilliant ideas.

The comprehensive Digital Signage Series from BenQ is the new-generation solution for effective visual communications with your visitors and customers.

Liven up information display in your retail space

BenQ Digital Signage allows you to display merchandise information, advertising content, promotional deals, and so on in a livelier manner, increasing opportunities to capture shoppers’ attention. In addition, by taking advantage of BenQ’s Super Narrow Bezel Displays (P series) or Interactive Touch Displays (IL series), you can close the distance with consumers.

Make your guests’ experience one they’ll rave about

Whether you run a resort hotel or a large-scale conference center, BenQ Digital Signage can give your guests a more relaxed ambience and greater convenience as they enter the lobby, check in at the reception desk, find their way around, and explore facilities.

Take the confusion out of complex transportation information

BenQ provides an ideal solution for information display in bustling transportation hubs. With BenQ Digital Signage, complex information can be conveyed in a manner that’s simple to grasp, whether the particular location is an airport, train station, or mass transit platform, and the particular information is routes, ticket prices, or even advertising.

Make your business operations more efficient

BenQ Digital Signage can not only help enhance your company’s image, but also raise operational efficiency. Display useful information in your reception area, meeting rooms, or security control centers, streamlining tasks and leaving visitors impressed.

Put financial information, market prices, and service guides on view

Today’s financial transactions business demands speed and accuracy, and BenQ provides a range of information display solutions that help you achieve both. Whether you want to show information on your services or the latest market update, or even provide an interactive platform for managing customer transactions, BenQ Digital Signage gives you an edge over the competition.

Add excitement to campus life

Campus life should be varied and interesting, whatever the exact location—gallery, library, computer center, gym, cafeteria, classroom, or even dormitory. WIth BenQ’s help, you can turn information display into something that conveys not only facts, but a sense of fun.