Projector Management
Projector Display & Control
Efficient Installation

Thoughtful Presentation Display
and Control Design to Support
Classroom Instruction

To better support classroom instruction, BenQ has incorporated several presentation-friendly features for effortless projection display and control, such as the LAN connectivity for wired display, and the QPresenter Pro APP and software for wireless display via smart device and PC respectively, to increase teachers’ ease of using projectors as their day-to-day teaching aid.

LAN Display

LAN Display enables projector implementation management with a single LAN cable to control and display classroom projections, as well as transmit audio signals, through various display options. It also comes with simultaneous school-wide emergency broadcast capability. Plus, LAN cables are much more cost-efficient than VGA cables as they can be used to display images and sounds and to manage projectors with a digital transmission distance of 100m.

QPresenter Pro APP

The QPresenter Pro software, developed with an accompanying APP, is designed to support wireless projection from computational and smart devices across all platforms from PC to Mac, iOS to Android, by connecting the classroom projector to a wireless dongle and linking the device to the projector via Wireless Display. What’s more, QPresenter Pro supports up to four devices for multi-source projection to maximize in-class collaboration, as well as various document formats, including PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and image files.

Wireless Display

This feature connects a classroom PC or notebook to a projector via WLAN, keeping all the messy cables and wires out of the way. All you need is a wireless dongle. It is the perfect choice for smaller class settings or classes with young learners.