Active Learning
Diversified Learning
Simple Learning
Audiovisual Learning

Enrich and Energize Every Interactive
Lesson with the S30 Document Camera

BenQ brings to you a selection of projection solutions designed to help you open the gateway to impactful and lasting learning through active participation and sharing. One of which would be to pair your classroom projector with the S30 document camera for instant sharing of images, videos and even real objects like a globe or butterfly. Together, this winning pair is a total interactive solution for re-energizing your class with a captivating interactive learning experience.

Show-and-Tell with the S30
Document Camera

The S30 document camera is designed to give you the highest level of audiovisual display quality and clarity, as well as setup flexibility and convenience – making it great for sharing and making presentations, like show and tells, across all ages and classroom sizes.

  • Still images, videos and real life subjects captured in real time
  • Flexible arm design for easy camera adjustments
  • Software-supported annotation capability via USB cable connection to a PC
Instant Sharing at Its Best
Powerful Zoom Lens

The S30 document camera adopts a constant aperture zoom lens with 5X optical zoom for ultra sharp, noise-free image quality while zooming in and out. For getting extra close to an object for detailed examination, like a frog dissection, there is a total of 40x zoom to help bring even the smallest details to your students.

High CRI LED Color Performance

The high CRI LED color is hard at work to bring every image to life by flawlessly rendering every hue. So that you get the best viewing quality for sharing just about any object. Be sure to try this for show-and-tell!

SD Card Audio and Video Recording

Capture and record live audio and video to your SD card with a click of a button. Every lesson can be saved, reviewed and shared later with students, teachers and parents. With support of up to 32GB memory capacity, there’s plenty of room to document every great lesson.


Connect the S30 document camera to your computer with a USB cable to begin sharing and creating together through QVision. The user-friendly software allows you to edit, draw and annotations over your document and turn every lesson into video clips for reviewing later.