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Foster Active Learning Through
PointWrite™ Interactivity

A good balance of fun and learning with tons of hand-on action encourages students to actively participate in every lesson. To create an ideal platform for classroom interactivity and collaboration, BenQ brings interactive innovations and touch solutions to a new level of simplicity, ease and control, supporting flipped learning and engaging students like never before. As a result, students gain better critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and the positive attitude, teamwork spirit and confidence that get them ready for the real world!

PointWrite Touch Interactivity

BenQ PointWrite interactive projectors turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard by utilizing an innovative infrared technology to detect transmitter light emitted from a PointWrite Pen or a PointWrite touch module that enables the camera to detect the finger or object movements. This allows teachers to invite students up to the board to make notes, answer questions, or collaborate on digital paintings, sparking creativity, imagination and lots of fun. Easy to set up and flexible to use, these education projectors make a cost-efficient and affordable option for every classroom.

  • Supports up to 4 pens / fingers
  • Effortless setup with only 1 second auto calibration*
  • An ultra-fast 0.016-second response time for a smooth writing experience

*Calibration speed may vary depending on computer system.

Dual Screen with Multiple Touch Capabilities

A first in the world, BenQ’s Dual Screen feature allows teachers to create an immersive learning experience by connecting two PointWrite interactive projectors to project two seamlessly merged screens. This creates a super-sized screen for learning the solar system, story time in the galaxy, virtual field trips around the world, or simply a great big canvas for co-creation.

The multiple touch capabilities, which can support Windows 8 touch interface, are enabled by the QWrite software to allow teachers to choose to up to four students to collaborate and generate ideas together using one big screen or separate the projections into four sections for individual participation. Each student can then use their own assigned palette of colors, shapes and tools to do his or her individual work or respond to games and exercises.

* Available soon in 2014

With Your Choice of
Interaction in Class
Maximizing Class Participation with QWrite

The QWrite software enables multi-user on-screen collaboration with annotation tools to edit, highlight and co-create various documents together. All the work created can be effortlessly saved as a QWrite file or as a JPEG, PNG or BMP file on your computer. There is also the option to make video and screen recordings of your lessons for easy sharing. You can also import and upload images from your computer by creating a shortcut to access the local storage.

  • Floating menu system design for easy access
  • Windows Mode for direct document editing and co-creation
  • Teaching templates readily available for writing exercises and games

Freely Shared Resources

Write on or edit the projected document directly, with the access to QWrite’s free built-in image library. You also access image folders created on your computer conveniently. Each and every image creation can be saved for later sharing.