Why low blue light

BenQ takes the eye health of users to heart and computer eye strain is no exception, offering a series of BenQ monitors designed to help everyone. Studies show that blue light from the sunlight, computer monitors and fluorescent lamps may be very harmful to the eyes causing macular degeneration or sleep disorders. These concerns are very serious and BenQ has developed a series of Eye-care monitors with features including Flicker-free and Low Blue Light technologies, so users can combat the possible side effects associated with blue light to keep eyes healthy and happy.

The Know-How to Do it Right

Using proprietary color adjustment technology, BenQ monitors deliver reduced blue light while maintaining good color reproduction for a variety of usage. Long time research and experience in LED backlight technology, led BenQ to discover a significant difference in blue light emissions between LED and CCFL computer monitors. The results prove that BenQ’s Eye-care monitors with Low Blue Light technology are much more successful in reducing unwanted computer eyestrain caused by blue light, than those of competitors which simply use a coating.

Comparing the difference is simple and fast. A blue color film can be placed against a BenQ monitor screen, to instantly demonstrate the benefit of a BenQ Low Blue Light computer monitor. Simply switch from a normal mode, to a Low Blue Light mode and the difference is instantly recognizable, as BenQ’s proprietary Low Blue Light technology enabled monitors only allow for a very small amount of light to pass through the film.

Low Blue Light for Everyone
The use of electronic devices in everyday life is commonplace. As usage increases so do Eye-care concerns. Studies continue to show that prolonged use of monitors without Low Blue Light technology may result in computer eyestrain or eye damage. It’s for this reason that BenQ encourages everyone to choose a Low Blue Light enabled monitor to reduce the risk.
Healthier Eyes Across-the-board
With the eye health of users in mind, BenQ began introducing Eye-care technology in all new models of LED back-lit LCD computer monitors as of August 2013. This range of Eye-care monitors include flicker-free and Low Blue Light models to ensure less computer eyestrain and healthier eyes, for many years to come.
The Best Modes for the Best Light
BenQ has been hard at work conducting studies to determine the right amount of blue light reduction for different tasks with minimal compromise of colors. The level of blue light reduced has been defined by a focus group of experienced users in a number of various applications. Each mode creates the best viewing experience possible through blue light reduction.

BenQ simulates the look of real paper by adjusting the brightness, sharpness and contrast ratio while reducing blue light by 70%, relieving the computer eye strain associated with focused or prolonged use. Excellent for ebooks, long documents, or any other type of reading material that requires the user’s full attention for long periods of time.

Word processing, emailing and other everyday office tasks are what this mode was built for. Users can rest easy in the knowledge that eyes strain will be far less noticeable with a 60% reduction of blue light, promoting healthier eyes and a more productive office.

BenQ Web Surfing Mode for 50%-Reduced Low Blue Light

Webpages often contain a lot of text. This mode is optimized so that a BenQ monitor displays web pages with a 50% reduction of blue light, to help reduce computer eye strain and make internet browsing much easier on the user’s eyes.

BenQ Multimedia Mode for 30%-Reduced Low Blue Light

This mode is perfectly balanced to maintain the highest image quality and sufficient blue light reduction (30%) while displaying photos, videos, animation and other media.

Reduce the Blue, Keep the Color
Low Blue Light technology offers a great advantage for anyone that uses a computer as eye health is important to everyone. Although blue light is part of nature and required to display color correctly, BenQ Low Blue Light Eye-care monitors provide various modes to best represent color accuracy, while maintaining Low Blue Light levels and reducing eyestrain. For non-color critical applications the impact to overall color will be minimal, for the best color representation possible.
Professional Series
Although other Eye-care technologies have been implemented into BenQ professional series monitors, such as 3D displays, they will not contain Low Blue Light modes in order to maintain color temperature and brightness for color critical applications.